How to share icloud calendar with other iphone users

How to share icloud calendar with other iphone users

Option b is what I use. Let me explain. I have an iPhone I primarily use and my wife is the primary user on the iPad. Plus I have a Macbook Air.index6 How to share icloud calendar with other iphone users

I have three AppleIDs. One (acct #1) for iTunes/App purchases on all devices. One (acct #2) that is the primary iCloud account on all three devices. One (acct. #3) for a secondary iCloud account used only on the iPad.

Here is the setup.

Macbook air has acct. #2 turned on for all iCloud functions. Mail, calendars etc. Then uses acct. #1 in iTunes and the App Store. The wife and I use the same calendar in this account that is shared in all devices. We use a system of ?Fred dentist? and ?Wilma dentist? to tell who belongs to what appointment. We also share all contacts using this iCloud account across all devices. I use acct #2 for Messages and Facetime on the Air.

iPhone has the same setup as the Air. Acct #2 is turned on for all iCloud features and acct. #1 for iTunes/App store.

iPad has acct #2 setup as the first and primary iCloud account and everything in the iCloud settings is turned on EXCEPT mail. This allows my wife to see the shared calendars and contacts we use, but not be bothered by my email. Then I added acct. #3 as a second iCloud account on the iPad and turned off everything except Mail in the iCloud acct. settings. Then I use acct. #3 for Messages and Facetime on the iPad. Acct. #1 is used for iTunes/App store.

This works out perfectly for us.

Tips by: Weaselboy

How to iphone push fetch setting for multiple accounts

  • Settings ? Fetch new data ? scroll down ? Advanced ? List of multiple accounts ? Set preference for individual accounts here.
  • Pretty convenient if one needs only work emails to be pulled on a regular basis, saves on data and battery

How can you do multiple updates easily iphone

  • Now that I have a lot of apps, I always have 10-12 updates to do. Each time if I do the updates from the phone I have to do many ?clicks? and then enter my iTunes password which has #?s and letters and is a PITA.
  • Answer: Use iTunes to do the updates. Synch the phone, with iTunes, click on apps and then on ?You have xx updates? at the bottom of the screen, then on update all.

How to clear autofill in safari iphone

  • I have done it by,going into settings, then safari, then hit-clear history, hit clear cookies, hit-clear cache. Then go to search engine- check yahoo then goole.
  • Your done. If you also want to your web pages gone turn iPone off then back on. Hope this helps someone. Apple surport should read this. Dave
  • ps: the page that is on the screen will not get deleted. That?s the only thing you can?t delete.


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